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"Facilitating Personal Space Transformation"

I use this phrase because it encompasses what I do with my organizing clients.  It means that I love working with people in their space - wherever or whatever that is.  By establishing systems and creating healthier environments we make ourselves more efficient. This allows for the more important things in life – rest, relaxation & fun.  When we are more efficient we are less wasteful, doing our part in helping the earth and our own sense of well-being.  The quotes below express this quite well:

“Whether we notice our clutter or not, it still takes its toll.  We pay for it in time spent on extra cleaning & searching for items that aren’t where they should be.  We pay for it in strained relationships with the people we live with, and loss of the comfort and joy a home should bring.  Often we literally pay for it, since misplaced objects tend to get broken, accidentally thrown out, or lost for years on end.  A perpetually cluttered home can make you hesitate to ask guests over, or make you self-conscious while they’re there you can’t enjoy the visit.

Clutter is so pervasive in our lives we often don’t notice it.”
(Country Living, Simple Country Wisdom by Susan Waggoner)

NAPO is the National Association of Professional Organizers.  I have been a member since 2006. This is an incredible and important resource for me.  It’s provided insights and continuing education into an exciting and growing field.

Selected Organizing Client List:
Floral Artistry (Manchester, MA)
The Williams River House (Chester, VT)
Reading Public Schools (Reading, MA)
SJH and Company (Boston, MA)

Garden Maintenance