Collette Benoit



How does one organize a garden?  How does a garden look if you can’t see it through the weeds?  There are plants that belong in the shade, plants that belong in the sun.  Their colors can dance when strategically placed & others can sing when given the space to move in the wind, rain, or snow. Different styles of gardens deem particular placement of plants. 
I love working in small garden beds, choosing plant materials, designing & maintaining planter boxes & pots.
I am a passionate gardener - knowing just enough to be dangerous or annoying - yet I am constantly learning and amazed by the miracles of plant life.
For many years I was blessed to work with Floral Designer Pauline Runkle and her business Floral Artistry. During this time, I also helped maintain her cutting gardens, which cover more than 2 acres. This gave me an inside perspective to her process as a gardener/designer/ business owner. I credit her as the inspiration for my gardening passion. As a mentor, Pauline taught me much about planning, planting and sustaining a garden. I wanted to learn so much more and doing the work was the best education.

Photos courtesy of Mark Martins
I have applied my gardening skills and knowledge with several clients of my own: weeding, advising on plant material selection and placement, soil augmentation, mulching, spring cleaning, bedding gardens for the Fall; even grounds preparation for a wedding.
Anonymous had it right, saying:
“We come from the earth,
we return to the earth,
and in between we garden!”